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Every company in Poland is obliged to make accounting and submit financial reports to the tax bureaus in alliance with the required deadlines. This is the precondition to various forms of enterprises and ownerships: the LLCs, the individual entrepreneurs, the firm owners or heads of partnership, the stock-joint companies, etc., and all of those forms of organizations have to submit financial statements. In the event that an enterprise does not submit reports on time, it entails that the sanctions will be imposed.
We provide all types of accounting services to our clients, and it is required for sp. z.o.o. (LLC) and działalność gospodarcza (OPC). Services can be executed both one-time and multiple times in English and Polish languages.
The Employee Payroll Features
In Poland, as in other countries, the company accountants will calculate the income, and this is carried out by the determination of salaries and tax related payments. This process is going through to the submission with financial declaration to the tax bureau and insurance department.
In terms of the income layers, it has two forms in Poland - Net and Gross. In the case of Net income, it refers to the earnings that the employee receives after the deduction of tax and other payment related deductions. The Gross income indicates total amount payment that is drawn up on the Working Contract, and it concludes the fees, taxes, payments etc. that are before the deduction.
The individual citizen income taxes have several categories:
  • The employee’s income
  • Self-employed individuals who have registered
  • Individual entrepreneurs
In Poland, the income tax will be calculated within the gradation scale:
  • If the income is not greater than PLN 85, 528, the tax rate is 18%
  • If the income exceeds this amount, the income tax will be 18% taken from PLN 85. 528 and plus 32% taken from the exceeded amount
Our Strengths
With our high quality and efficient service on the timing of financial related reports, you can just simmer down yourself with us.
  • The ability to control work Online
    You can inspect and access all accounts and reports at any time on day and from anywhere in the world
  • Reducing Bookkeeping costs
    The cost of bookkeeping outsourcing will be 30-40% cheaper than if your company uses your own accountant
  • Tax optimization
    We pay highest attention to the seriousness of tax optimization and tax security with our clients, and we will minimize all the tax related risks to the lowest level

Personnel Workflow Features

Depending on various activity fields that different organizations belong to, the current labor legislation of Poland is having 40 to 60 different types of personnel documents to maintain. With the development of technology, the documentation form of personnel workflow is gradually transferred from physical papers into electronic.

Those companies will be formed into a single electronic archive, in such a way, it is made a more convenient measure for us to operate and prepare for audits in the high-quality level. The various documentation types that are loaded into the archive are: reports, certificates, waybills, etc.. The use of an electronic archive will let you avoid unnecessary workload and penalties that are caused by false reporting. In many organizations (such as LLC, individual entrepreneur, comrade), their external accounting offices are also engaged for its maintenance, and they give these organizations the opportunities to put accounting services in order and make it in a more comprehensive way.

In principle, accounting outsourcing and other types of business services are quite common. Seeking an accounting support service (Including subscription services in a certain period of time) in on demand from Polish companies and representative offices. It is estimated that around 65% of business organizations would like to cooperate with the high quality accounting services. There will be agreements between the parties before the start of cooperation, and the content of the agreement contains in great detail regarding the terms and other exclamations of accounting services; moreover, the supporting service to individual entrepreneurs (FOP) is also highly demanded in Poland, and this support service has the proper accounting procedures in alliance with legal regulations.
For more information about the services, please contact us by email or phone, or give us a call back request!
  • 1
    Accounting Services
    Maintaining, registering, and restoring all kinds of tax related accountin
  • 2
    Zero reporting
    Preparation and delivery of zero reporting for sp. z o.o. (LLC) and Działalność gospodarcza (OPC)
  • 3
    HR records management
    Labor registration for employment, personnel records maintenance and restoration.
  • 4
    Company Registration / set-up sp. z o.o. (LLC) and Działalność gospodarcza (OPC)
    Consultation, documentation preparation, registration
  • 5
    Reporting / declarations
    VAT accounting, US reporting, Annual reports of CIT and PIT, WNT and WDN accounting, Export and import
  • 6
    Additional services
    Calculation for the matters of wages and sick leave, Develop/Advance for accounting policy model
Accounting Audit
Domestic accounting audit services are highly in demand among Polish companies despite the high service fee, and the cost even goes higher when it comes to making audits for larger enterprises. The audit procedure will independently carry out all of the company’s documentation verifications, including its compliance with the current tax legislation. The audit service will allow you to monitor all the data accurately and safely regarding the organization’s financial conditions and accounting records.

Благодаря аудиту достигается возможность эффективного предотвращения налоговых рисков, исправления имеющихся ошибок, предоставления достоверных данных о финансовом состоянии организации иностранным партнерам.
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Why should you cooperate with WORKEIN?
WORKEIN provides effective methods and solutions for the HR management in the electronic form. WORKEIN is a team with every number who are the experts and professionals through years of experience. We are equipped and ready to look after your business with our full accounting services.

Another benefit of our services is that we have flexible accounting service prices, and that is to say our price of charge is decided by the complexity of the case and quantity of the tasks that we are going to carry out. You do not have to pay a monthly salary to an accountant staff regardless of how much work they are facing.

Apart from that, we are always focusing on improving our staff’s expertise and professionality in a systematic scale, therefore, it will provide you first hand information of our new update policies and services besides enhancing our accounting services to a higher level. We are going to continually observe all the probable law related legislation changes and the paperworks that are carried out by our specialists. Above all, We, as WORKEIN.COM company, will always deliver first hand information according to the Polish current state’s policies and situations.

If you are seeking reliable accounting services, we, as the professionals, are the right choice for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are waiting for you to answer all your questions you may have with accounting
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