Consultation on moving to Poland (TRC, Permanent residence permit, Residence Card, the Pole’s Card)

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To whom

  • получить карта поляка
    Persons of Polish origin
    The documents must show that the applicant himself, his father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, or 2 of the great-grandparents had Polish nationality
  • Workers
    For those foreigners who stay in Poland for working purpose
  • Students
    For those whose purpose in Poland is to study at university or doctoral program
  • Entrepreneurs
    The purpose of staying in Poland is to serve on the board of a LLC or a JSC whose shares are owned by a foreigner
  • Highly qualified workers
    A foreigner needs to graduate from a university or, after completing his or her university studies, have at least 5 years of work experience according to the degree qualifications required for the job
  • Staying with family
    Family members of a Polish citizen; family members of an EU citizen; family members of a foreigner
Three to five months. The terms depend on: the place of residence, timely provision of required documents and other factors

How to get a residence card step by step?
Analysis of the grounds for obtaining a residence card (study reason, work, family reunion, etc.). Making a plan for what is needed in your particular situation
We check the documents for mistakes. It is important to understand that in 70% of cases, the Immigration office refuses to give a residence card due to minor inconsistencies in documents. For example, is everything legal? Do you have enough money for living according to Immigration office?
We correct mistakes in documents in order to get a positive decision. In the vast majority of cases, these are minor errors that everyone often has. But they directly affect whether you receive the Residence card or not
We collect documents (ZUS, employer/accountant, from the educational institution, insurance company, etc.)
We book appointments in Immigration office
We prepare applications, powers of attorney and other bureaucratic procedures. We inform what is needed on the day of submission of documents
We track the stages and terms of receipt in Immigration office. We deliver the necessary documents (the list is always changing, so we contact the Office for Foreigners to obtain up-to-date information)
We inform you about the date of Residence card collection and accompany you in collection process
If you get a refusal we analyze the reasons, eliminate them and submit appeal letter
REMEMBER: As soon as you apply for a card, you are already legal in Poland, even if your visa or old card expires. Regardless of the decision to issue a card, you will no longer be able to be deported
Why we?
More than 5 years in Poland
Personal experience of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in Poland
Why may you be refused to receive a residence card in Poland?
Immigration office found inconsistencies in documents: the employer / university incorrectly completed the documents. Or your expenses are more than your income. Or, due to mistakes in documents, Inspector thought that you were in Poland illegally
The police were unable to verify that you live, study, or work at the specified address
Immigration office sent a request to the national security agency and did not pass the test for human involvement in terrorism/corruption/economic crimes. IN YOUR CASE it is unlikely, but in Immigration office such mistakes happen
The employer did not pass the audit of the accounts - whether the activity is being carried out legally, whether taxes are paid on income, for employees, etc. - errors often lie in these documents
We are able to work with each of the reasons for refusals in such a way as to overcome all the pitfalls at the very first stage. That is why we audit all documents for mistakes and correct them
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