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If you want to run your business without a real premises base here, it is necessary to consider using the virtual office service here. Registering a virtual office in another country will let you manage your business in a more convenient and efficient way. The whole process of virtual office registration can be simply looked at as business address registration in Poland.

The virtual office service is basically the same as renting a business address as required by the business registration bureau for all the operating businesses in Poland. Any operating companies have to have an address to start their business, and this is a prerequisite. This address registration is part of a procedure and needs to be registered by the National Court Registry to be permitted to start your business operation.


The benefits of company registration in Poland

  • Welcomed for the foreign companies
  • Being able to have a representative office in the country
  • Entrepreneurs are able to start their business on their own.

The virtual office makes it possible that you will have a secured business running abroad. The virtual office address is not your personal data, and it will be regarded as a single entity that is separated from all your personal data that is related business.


Nowadays, if your business is conducted remotely without needing a premises as your office base, it is avoidable to put your expenses on these unnecessary premises. So it would be a smart choice to rent an address as your virtue office, and this does not require any office equipment that you have to spend money on. The way of opening one is possible through electrical format.

Most virtual Offices are chosen by foreign businessmen who have business connections and want to develop their business here. The Virtual Office is being used as a legal way to construct your company in a good shape, generate income, save costs and allocate tasks. The staff of Virtual Office will be responsible for receiving letters, parsing letters and responding to letters. The representative will give his/her assessment of the incoming letters, and the letters will be reckoned and reported with the current company’s situations.
It will give you a limitless right and time to have a work style and schedule that you have always dreamed of, go on a business trip, work from different places, spend more time with your loved ones, etc. You do not need to spend your time and and pay endless attention on the office work, instead, you can put all your focus on developing your business strategy and market. Choosing our offers and services is choosing for yourself a new and efficient business model.


The place of office can be rented virtually – it is applicable for the occupation areas such as:

  • businessmen
  • freelancers
  • copywriters
  • recruiters 
  • entrepreneurs
  • businessman who is living outside of Poland and wants to open a company in Poland
  • people who work remotely
  • businessmen who is planning to move their business abroad 

The Virtual Office is also an ideal option for the startup business in order to reduce business costs to the minimum and run their business efficiently.


Our experience


years of work in Poland


hours spent with clients


successful cases

The services cost


  • Address registration
    (virtual address) –
  • Correspondence address –
  • Receiving letters from
    registered address
    regularly – 
  • Receiving letters from
    correspondence address
  • Notifying the emails that is
    received from the
    corresponding address –
    Official letters only
  • Notifying the emails that is
    received from the
    corresponding address –
    regular and registered
  • Notifying the emails that
    are received from the
    corresponding address –
    regular and registered
  • Scanning the letters from
    the corresponding address
    and send them via email
  • Sending the selected
    letters to the indicated
    address from the corresponding
    address once a month
    (Parcel up to 2 kg)
  • Access to the virtual office
    3 hours per month
  • Receiving parcels
    up to 30 kg
    (up to 10 pieces per month)
  • the need of draft
    a contract by mail
  • prepayment for 1 month
  • prepayment for 3 months
  • prepayment for 6 months

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Our advantages

High level of service

High level of service

All documents that we need in the process of registration will be compiled by us competently and quickly.
Strict confidentiality

Strict confidentiality

We do not transfer your data and your loved ones to third parties
Post payment

Post payment

You pay the full cost of services, only when the result is achieved

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