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What will it be included when opening a new company?

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The Polish government has enforced the law registration for foreign companies doing business in Poland,
and this is also providing a wide range of business opportunities for foreign businesses.
The businessmen can choose the right formality of
Limited liability Company (LLC) to suit and convenient
their business the most. We have transparent registration procedures, and there are no other hidden costs
and anonymous requirements for the prerequisite documentations.


The main advantages to register a company abroad:

  • There is no citizenship requirement for the founders of the Members of the Board;
  • The founders of the Members of the Board do not have to receive the income.
  • The minimum UK is 1.200 euros (5000 PLN), and these amount of money does not need to be deposited to the current organization’s Bank account unless it will be over 12,000 euro’s;
  • It also grants the right of getting the residence permit for the members of the board;
  • Getting the opportunities to have the share of this country’s stable economy

By registering a company in Poland, it will give you the ability to expand your business around the world without border restriction regulations under the framework of the current legislation by each country.

We are ready to assist with all the registration related documentation preparation, and we will also send the applications to the registry to get the company registered. Last but not least, we will also help you to open the company bank account to get the company established. The method of choosing company registration, which has been chosen by many people, is using the electric formula because it can get the waiting time reduced much shorter. The whole process of company registration is taking around 7 working day.

The presence of the chairman of the board is not required through Online registration, neither the personal interpreter nor notary service is required during the procedure. Let us take a closer look at the details of company registration in Poland.


We will help you with

Security Guarantee

You can operate your own business on your homeland, meanwhile, you can move to Europe at any time.

Save Capital

Transfer your asset effortlessly to Europe and save the costs.

To start a new life

Bring your friends and families to Europe to begin a life of high quality of living.

It is essential to have an assessment about your products that are going to be sold in the targeted market before you decide to start your business in Poland. When you are entering a foreign market, it is beneficial to have a partner who is living here and can manage your company and business, and it will also be a valuable resource to have a person who knows well about the nuances of the local market and culture.


When the company is registered through the legal procedures, the declared capital must be in the amount of 5,000 PLN.

  1. Choose the type of your business, name of your company, it is verified.
  2. Documentation preparation,
  3. Opening Bank account and starting capital,
  4. Registration in the National Court Department,
  5. Tax registration
  6. Appointment of the Chairman and supervisory of the board,
  7. Apply the applications for approving

The name of the company must be unique, so the investor must check it in order to get verified after he/she has chosen business types. You have to have your own original names for your company because all the names will be registered and checked on the system list to prevent the same and repetitive names. The preparation of documentation will contain the operation regulations, business types, names of the members of the board, company’s prospects and other information related within the activity doman. All the original documents
should be notarized. You can get our consultation on opening an individual entrepreneurship, and our specialist will tell you what you need to do step by step with details.

Our service prices are economic and reasonable for company registration in Poland.


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Our advantages

High level of service

High level of service

All documents that we need in the process of registration will be compiled by us competently and quickly.
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Strict confidentiality

We do not transfer your data and your loved ones to third parties
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Post payment

You pay the full cost of services, only when the result is achieved

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